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Mindfulness and Finding Moments: Part 2

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Mindfulness and Finding Moments: Part 2

Bev Alldridge

Yes, there is an answer!

In part 1 I told you how finding time for mindfulness practice is the #1 challenge. I went on to explain about mindfulness moments and their benefits in terms of your overall health and sense of well-being. There are three elements for setting yourself up for success: Mindset, Behaviour and Strategies. Today it is all about Mindset.

(If you’re just screaming by here on your way somewhere else and want to grab my Mindful Moment Care Package on your way by, you can grab it NOW.)

Turning good intentions into automatic habits

Good intentions usually remain such. Moving from good intentions to automatic habits is what you’re aiming for here. Let’s look at what is involved.  

Generally, 30 days is the number of days of repetition required to set a habit. Much has been written about the science behind forming habits and breaking bad habits and in the interests of the length of this post you can readily google that. Just so you know, though, specific instructions about creating habit are included in your Mindful Moments Care Package.


  • Be patient with yourself.

  • Have a beginner’s mind.

  • Don’t “try” just do.

Realize no moment is the same one to the next let alone from one hour to the nextt over a course of the day Your results will vary from experience to experience. It’s all okay.

To use an over-used expression: It is what it is.

Most importantly, it is your mindfulness experience and no-one else’s. In that respect there is no right or wrong. There is only you and your practice and what works for you. Be kind to yourself, be kind, be kind! And, gentle! Be able to smile at yourself.

Negative self-talk is something you want to watch out for. There are strategies for handling that. You do not want to try to repress, deny or stifle whatever emotions are arising. As you know, the point is to observe. Note. Pay attention to the physical sensations. Follow them as they shift and morph through your body.  If you’re concerned about negative-self talk think of it like an obnoxious uncle at family gatherings. He’s going to show up but that doesn’t mean you need to engage with him.

If you find yourself caught up in negative self-talk, give that self-talking person a name. Nasty Nellie, maybe.

So, having named that negative self-talk you can then smile when Nasty Nellie or whomever shows up. You can say to yourself, ‘Oh, look. I see Nasty Nellie has shown up. As usual.’  Be kind to yourself! Remember that our brains are determined to keep churning away, both positive and negative and that by taking on the role of observer you put yourself in the driver’s seat.

Next up:

In my next post I’ll share Behaviour—what you can do on a day to day basis and what you can put in place to amp up your success rate.

Remember why you’re doing this. The documented benefits of mindfulness include:

  • less stress

  • a sense of well-being

  • developing happiness and emotional balance and resilience

  • strengthens attention (and limits being distracted) which helps you pay attention to what is happening in the present moment

  • increased focus increases productivity

I will see you then. Meantime, you can get your free 10 page PDF Mindfulness Care Package which includes:

20 ways to find time for mindful moments in your very full day (hint—you don’t have to give anything up)

  • Instructions for setting yourself up for success.

  • Guidance on how to move yourself from the wishful thinking or best intention stage to creating a new habit.

  • A strategy for dealing if you have the dreaded ‘this isn’t working’ moment. Some awesome motivation.

  • An email check- in from me along the way (yes, I read all replies!)

  • And, a free bonus to help keep your mindful moments top of mind!


I’d love to hear your thoughts and maybe your own tips on finding mindful moments during the day. Please leave a comment. I’m always looking to learn more.

Do you have a friend that might buddy up with you? Or, maybe someone who you think might benefit from this post, please feel free to share.

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