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Mindfulness and Finding Mindful Moments Part 3

Bev Alldridge

Mindfulness Behaviour

Today you’ll learn some behavioural tips--what you can do on a day to day basis and what you can put in place to amp up your success rate. (In part 1 you learned that even with a busy day you can incorporate mindful moments into your routine. In part 2 you learned about a mindset for success.)

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Start small. Don’t set the bar too high. Take the wins and build on them. Remember that to develop a new habit you need to have several conditions in place for success and repetition over a 30-day period is usually what it take to set the habit in place.

Allow yourself to look on your plan as an experiment. Commit to 30 days of finding your mindful moments and assess at the end of 30 days how things went.

For some reason, looking on it as an experiment increases your likelihood of sticking with it..

Okay, so your day is busy from the moment your feet hit the floor until your head hits the pillow. There is a routine. You get up. Another routine. You go to bed.  You’ve just identified two opportunities to find a mindful moment. Before you get out of bed. As soon as you lie down. See where I’m going with this?

Look at your day-planner or your mental to-do list and examine your routines.  Why? Because developing a new habit has the most chance of success if you can bolt it onto an existing routine. Always get in the elevator to go to work? Always watch the 6:00 news? Look for the ‘always’ moments in your day. Drink 8 glasses of water a day?

As you pause for you mindful moment and take your slow breaths you can slightly close your eyes and just allow your body to feel the breaths. If it helps, you can:

·        do a bit of a body scan: how are you feeling in terms of your body? Any tension anywhere? (your goal is not to change it, just to notice it)

·        Ask yourself how are you feeling in terms of your emotions? Try naming the emotion you’re feeling. Again, there is no right or wrong way to feel, the point is to notice the feeling. Non-judgmental. You’re just noticing.

·        Are thoughts running through your head? Note them as a curious observer. Are your thoughts about something happening now? In the past?

·        What is going on around you? Any noises? Smells? Tactile feelings? Sights?


There are some recommended strategies for reinforcing a habit. One is to have it as much as possible as a routine, without change. This is why you are best served if you bolt your mindful moment onto an existing routine.

If you drink 8 glasses of water, that is 8 mindful moments. If you go up and down the elevator 4 times a day there is another. Look for those moments in your day where there are repeat actions (if you check your email 30 times a day…. 😊) There is also the routine of morning (wake up, shower, dress, brush teeth, drink coffee, eat breakfast, load dishwasher, brush teeth….)

If you’re big on visualization techniques, rather than visualizing yourself as having reached a point of having mindfulness moments firmly established in your day as automatic behavior, visualize instead your current plans to implement your mindful moments practice routine so that you are seeing your routine of developing the habit.

Another strategy comes into play if and when you reach a point giving up. What may well work for you is to closely and honestly have a look at how your plans got off track. Once you are able to identify the why, then you develop your strategy to go forward.

 For example, “IFI forget to have a mindful moment with my glass of water THEN …I will put a stickie note on my glass for the next time I use it to remind me.

Another strategy you can use is to cast about for a friend or colleague who might be interested in joining you. Have a buddy can be very helpful to keep each other motivated. Just remember, you are each having your own experiences. What works for one doesn’t necessarily work for the other. But you are there for each other.


Well, here you are at the end. I’m impressed. You got this far. You can find moments in your day. I’ve every confidence in you.

If you’ve read all 3 parts to this topic then to be successful you’ve learned about;

  • mindset

  • behaviour

  • strategies

Are you ready for your move from mindfulness best intentions to mindfulness new habits?

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·        A strategy for dealing if you have the dreaded ‘this isn’t working’ moment. Some awesome motivation.

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