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Meditation Links

Meditation Links


The Free Mindfulness Project Guided Meditation Exercises: A motherload of free downloads

Free guided meditation to help take you further into your mindfulness meditation practice from the folks at This link also includes links to a host of other free mediations.

Guided meditations from the Chopra Centre.

UCLA Mindfulness Research Awareness Centre

Sounds True If you type ‘free’ into the search bar there will apprear a selection of free offerings.

RAIN: Recognize, Allow, Investigate, Nurture A guided meditation by Tara Brach to take you through the updated version of RAIN,, the step-by-step process to find your way back to presence.

Meditations for Happiness, Love and Inner Peace A series of 12 short guided meditations by Dr. Rick Hanson.

Dealing with Anxiety

Part 1: Healing Anxiety—How Meditation Frees Us Tara Brach

“Anxiety and the fear of failure is a pervasive suffering around the world. It is also increasing—along with the pace of life, over-consuming, addiction, noise, polarization and fears for our planet. How do we calm ourselves in a way that brings inner freedom and serves the healing of our larger world? “ —Tara Brach

Part 2: Healing Anxiety—How Meditation Frees Us Tara Brach

Dealing with Difficult Emotions

A 10-Minute Meditation to Work with Difficult Emotions from

Meditation for Grief and Loss

5 Meditations on Grief and Loss from

Meditation for dealing with self-criticism

A Meditation on Your Self-Critical Voice from