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Regaining Control of My Workspace

Life and Art

Regaining Control of My Workspace

Bev Alldridge

My studio is my happy place. At least it is when I can get into it to work. Sadly, life gets away from me with deadlines and events. Once I lose control it is hard to feel creative in that environment.  I do have a systematic process to get organized that does not involve cleaning and sorting myself into exhaustion.

Canadian artist Bev Alldridge contemplating organizing her studio.

Ever try to do too many things at once? Back in my 9-5 days I was super organized. Okay, that is mostly because I had some amazing assistants over the years but still, I could pull it together and keep on top of things. Today, I feel like on of those fireworks that burst in the sky---heading in all directions! 

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Time to stop, take 15 minutes to just pause and be present, then wrangle the studio back into my happy place.

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Here are some top organizing tips I’ve learned:

  1. Tackle one drawer or shelf at a time.
  2. Empty out everything, clean the surface and then begin to return things that belong.
  3. Establish trash, recycle, relocate piles.
  4. Pick up each item individually.  If an item doesn’t give you joy then put it in one of your three piles.
  5. Set an alarm for 15 minutes and then stop. Take a break. Do something else, work or play. Come back for another 15 minutes. Take a break. Repeat over and over, however many days it takes to complete. Don’t burn out by trying to at it all at once.
  6. Don’t leave the area you are sorting, just set whatever doesn’t belong aside into one of the three to be moved later.
  7. Start left and move right. Don’t bounce all over the place. You’ll see progress more quickly which will spur motivation to keep going.

Optional: Take a before and after photo of each area as you start to tidy.

I hope you find these tips helpful and stress reducing. Would a copy of the tips be helpful?  I'm happy to oblige. Just click here to obtain the handy list.

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