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How I helped paint a John Singer Sargent...

Life and Art

How I helped paint a John Singer Sargent...

Bev Alldridge

Back in 2014 I was included as one of 80 artists invited to paint a portion of John Singer Sargent's  "Paul Helleu Sketching His Wife' -- 1889". This is the original from

John SInger Sargent Paul Helleu

The initiative was organized by Richard Robinson who assigned each of us a square to paint. We were all located in difference cities and countries so the exercise was affected somewhat by colour settings on individual computers. I was assigned the fourth square from the top left. My effort was the following: Square A4 (from top left)


Richard assembled the 80 contributions.

80 artists landscape contemporary experiment tiled

What did I learn from it? Well, at the time I recall being very frustrated. In hindsight I realize that spontaneous strokes inspired by emotion are incredibly difficult to mimic and thank heavens for that! Emotions on canvas are unique and expressive. It is one thing to copy what you see in front of you, it is entirely another to respond to the emotions you that the scene before you evokes and to try and capture those feelings in paint.

I will have a new release of 6 paintings where I hope you will sense the emotion I`ve  tried to capture within the next couple of weeks. If you`d like VIP access to see them before they are posted for general viewing click here