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Be Well

Abstract, Expessionist, Contemporary Canadian painter. Bev Alldridge

Select a special painting or commission a unique piece of art--a paintimento-- that expressed how you feel about the loved ones in your life.

Be Well

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Be Well


This 10” x 8” oil painting is from my Calm Series.  It is wired and ready for hanging.

We’re unaware of how much stress and anxiety we carry around.. I want my artwork to provide you with the relaxation you might not even know you need.

The design is based on fractals which naturally occur in nature and which trigger automatic calming responses in us.

I created this series in order to:

  • trigger that natural calming effect;

  • offer an opportunity for a visual meditation; and,

  • serve as an ongoing reminder to stop and bask in the present moment rather than dwell on the past or worry about the future.

Also included is a Certificate of Title identifying the painting, and the name of the purchaser and is signed by the artist (that’s me :-) in order to guarantee provenance.

As always, the painting is on archival quality canvas and I used professional quality oil paints.

Price is for the painting unframed.

BONUS: I include a free how-to so that you can enjoy a visual mini-meditation.

I want you to be completely happy with your purchase and so I have a simple full money back return policy for original artwork. See my return policy for more details.

Interested in a print? Please contact me directly.

For local Niagara region customers:  If you prefer, contact me to arrange pick up or in-person delivery.

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