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 No time for mindfulness?

So. you know you want to take time for your mindfulness practice every day but can’t find the time to do it? You can’t find time to put the laundry on let alone be mindful!

Turns out you are not alone. A recent survey disclosed that this is THE #1 issue for nearly everyone polled! This is not a surprising complaint. Our days are filled from the moment our feet hit the floor until our heads hit the pillow, whether with fun things or drudgery, the day is over before we know it.

Never fear, because today I’m going to tell you why that’s NOT the end of your practice! I am going to give you everything you need to solve this frustration without having to make radical changes to your day. No, this won’t be a discussion about meditation but rather how your are about to become a tinkerer.

You already know the benefits of mindfulness practice. You want to benefit from the happier, healthier lifestyle that you know your mindfulness practice is so much a part of. Read on because you won’t believe how tinkering with your day instead of revamping it is going to give you all the time you need. These ‘tinker tips’ and the approach I’m going to recommend to you is based on scientific research on the strategy to entrench new habits.

(If mindfulness is a new concept to you and you’re want to know more, you can jump off HERE and I’ll get you started. Then, I’d love to see you come on back.)

Are your tearing through your day and just landed on this page? Are you anxious to get started and don’t have time to read more? My free Mindful Moments Care Package is filled with mindful moment tinker tips, implementation strategies and set-yourself-up-for-success strategies right away and more. You can get it HERE now. Otherwise, read on and you can obtain you care package at the end of this post.

What is a mindful moment?

In an earlier blog I wrote about meditation for busy people. Today I’m writing about mindful moments. Mindful moments are for people like you who have every good intention of practicing mindfulness but who find they have no time in their day. Guess what, there is a solution! And, you don’t have to give anything up except ‘lost minutes’ over the course of the day. Minutes you are already losing without being aware of it.

One of the most common issues I hear from people about their mindfulness practice is that time is a problem.

So, this note is not about making time in your day to experience mindful moments—or we can call them ‘wakeful’ moments. Instead, we are going to talk about finding time for you to deepen your mindfulness practice.

What are mindful moments? Well, let’s start with the clarification that

“mindfulness is available to us in every moment, whether through meditations and body scans, or mindful moment practices like taking time to pause and breathe when the phone rings instead of rushing to answer it.”


So, then, a mindful moment is you taking the opportunity to check in with yourself for a moment, this moment, and then maybe the next ‘this moment’. A mindful moment is experiencing your experience. More simply put: be aware.

“right inside any moment of non-doing lies peace, insight, creativity, and new possibilities in the face of old habits of mind and old habits of living. Right in that or any moment of non-doing, you are already OK, already perfect, in the sense of perfectly who and what you are. And therefore, right in that moment you are already at home in a profound way, far beyond who you think you are”

— Falling Awake by John Kabat-Zinn

It seems odd, doesn’t it? “Stop and be aware.” Don’t do anything. In fact, non-doing is the term often used. Non-doing, or mindfulness is not being ‘mindless’. Mindfulness is all about being full-on connected with you and your life in this very moment for good or bad but never indifferent.

What are the benefits of finding mindful moments?

While there is no doubt that regular sessions of mindfulness meditation are beneficial, so too are regular patterns of checking in with ourselves and being wakeful.

Eckhart Tolle recounted how he was approached by a young man who asked Eckhart for his recommendations on which courses to take at a symposium. Eckhart’s response was essentially that the young man would gain the most were he to practice mindful breathing once every hour on a daily basis rather than worrying over taking any one particular course.

Among other benefits, a mindful moment allows us to:

·        put some space between whatever thought is preoccupying us and our reactions.

·        develop our mental muscle to improve our ability to bring focus and attention to whatever matter is at hand.

·        connect with ourselves and those around us. Family that suddenly sees us ‘seeing’ them, rather than wondering if the laundry is finished…

·        cause subtle and not-so-subtle shifts in our stress and anxiety levels

As much as you want to find time to mediate, the reality is you aren’t always going to manage it. That does not mean you can’t take advantage of mindful moments over the course of your day to become more aware of what is going on around you, your thoughts and how you’re feeling. You may feel these moments are fleeting but, and speaking from personal experience here, they are, necessary food for your well-being.

In my next post I’ll share

·        ways to find time for mindful moments in your very full day (hint—you don’t have to give anything up)

·        instructions for setting yourself up for success.

·        guidance on how to move yourself from the wishful thinking or best intention stage to creating a new habit based upon scientifically proven principles

·        a strategy for dealing if you have the dreaded ‘this isn’t working’ moment. Some awesome motivation.

If you don’t want to wait, for the next post just click below. You’ll get your free pdf Mindful Moments Care Package workbook to set up you for success along with a bonus gift!

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Until the next time,


Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section. I’m always looking to learn more.