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February 19, 2019

Hi there! Its me, Bev, 💃 so it must be Tuesday 😊

Blink twice if you ever find yourself:

  • Anxious and worried

  • In a funk but don’t know why

  • Feeling irritable or easily annoyed

  • Cranky

  • Restless sleeping

  • Feeling ‘flat,’ lack of energy.

  • Restless mind

  • Hard on yourself, or others.

  • Unable to get interested in anything.

  • Can’t concentrate

 If so, then I've something special for you today.

 Did I leave anything out? 

What comes to mind when I mention ‘meditation’? 

  • ‘New Age’ or “Hippie” crapola

  • Sitting cross-legged for an hour

  • Spiritual mumbo-jumbo

  • A fellow sitting on a mountain top

Any others you'd like to add?  😉

There’s a good reason for thinking that way
Well, who can blame you? For cultural reasons, or through movies and TV we have developed very clear impressions or stereotypes about meditation and those who practice it.

Moved to Mainstream 

Remember how folks used to 

  • drink and drive

  • not wear seat belts

  • smoke while pregnant

  • eat without any awareness of nutrition

  • etc., etc., etc. 

Well, in the same evolution of norms, we've started to give more thought to what we we eat, increase our vitamin intake, maybe even have a meatless Monday now and then.

Closing your eyes, being quiet and paying attention in a particular way has also been embraced by the mainstream. Kobe Bryant, the US Military, CEOs of major companies and Hugh Jackman to name but a few who publicly extol its benefits.

This has only come after much scientific research to show that this particular way of being quiet--mindfulness meditation--contributes to: 

  • Lowered blood pressure

  • Lowered heart rate

  • Increased awareness

  • Increased attention and focus

  • Increased clarity in thinking and perception

  • Lowered anxiety levels

  • Experience of being calm and internally still

  • Experience of feeling connected

  • Higher brain functioning

  • Increased immune function

You don’t need to climb to a mountain top, contort yourself into a pretzel of start wearing beads to benefit from mindfulness meditation. You can do it anywhere, in your own way, however it is comfortable for you.
By incorporating a daily practice of a few quiet moments, you are on the road to a much more blissful experience. Imagine waking up and being excited for your feet to hit the floor for your day to begin? Finding yourself experiencing more less anxiety because you are no longer victim of your thoughts? More optimistic. Just plain MORE!
So, next time you have a few moments and automatically reach for your smartphone, try to remember that you can use those same moments to take another step on your journey to health and happiness. Close your eyes, be quiet and pay attention.  

Here’s a 10-minute free video to get you started:
I selected it for you because it is a basic, guided meditation to paying attention in a particular way. I forewarn you that the narrator speaks very slowly. I mean, VERY, slowly, lol. But I think is a super way for you to put your toe in the water.
You are absolutely, perfectly, marvelously fine just as you are. But just because you’re a gorgeously decorated cupcake, it doesn’t mean you can’t have some beautiful sprinkles on top, too, right? You deserve the happiest, fullest life possible. And I want to keep helping to make that happen.

Until the next time, be well,


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