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Creating art that celebrates mindfulness

Celebrating mindfulness and being present in original fine

Mindfulness Practice and My Mindful Art

Join me as I blog about all things mindfulness and shop my original artwork that is inspired by the benefits of experiencing the present moment.

The beauty of mindfulness practice is that you are already where you need to be. This is not about trying to attain a certain ‘state’. It is about developing the habit of paying attention to what is going on in the present moment.

My VIP viewers see my new art three days before it is posted publicly AND benefit from a 20% pre-release savings. Would you like me to send you the hidden link whenever I'm doing a special preview?  That's super! See you then!

I hang out on Instagram so if you're curious to see my works in progress or maybe have a chat, come join the party! Just remember to 'follow' me so we keep in touch!