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Less stress-more calm

  • Want to reduce stress and reclaim feelings of calm in your hectic life?

  • Wake up to each new day with a sense of renewal and love of life?

  • Become the healthiest, happiest and most resilient YOU?

How to get started? The easiest way is to join me below and get exclusive free and practical mini-training bites and tips on rediscovering feelings of calm, happiness and feeling connected with those around you. Free and direct your inbox each week (you’ll also get my free guide to reducing stress and finding calm within your existing day).

A bit about me…

I’m Bev and I live in Niagara on the Lake, Ontario—beautiful wine country— with my husband. We moved here after busy careers that took us around the world.

I have a degree in Communications and I”m a certified training designer for adults and soon-to-be certified mindfulness coach as well as a painter.

I am enjoying life having benefited form many of the principles that I love to share with others. But, it wasn’t always that way.

As a busy working mom and primo multi-tasker, I would find myself:

  • at the mercy of my incessant thoughts.

  • getting angry over things in the past, and fearing of the future?

  • feeling that if I could only step away from myself, even if just for a few moments , to get some peace and quiet that everything would be okay.

Does any of this sound familiar? Life on overdrive?

I came across a book that changed my life and introduced me concepts that have since allowed me to learn to live a life of more ease, less drama, more happiness. I realized everything was already within myself, I had just not been aware of how to access the equanimity and self-compassion that is already there, waiting for me.

I’m still a work in progress but life-long learning to become a happier person is one of the reasons I love to get up in the morning. I learn and tweak as I go.

I hope you’ll come along with me and find what I share with you helpful in bringing more happiness, less drama and a sense of spaciousness or ease into your life.

It is my hope that you, too, will discover that how to access the equanimity and self-compassion that is already there, within you, waiting for you to access the equanimity and self-compassion that is already there.

I know this with all my heart. If I can do it, anyone can. Are you willing to invest some time in yourself every day to have a brighter life and make a brighter life for those around you?

There is nothing selfish about becoming a better you. Everyone in your life benefits. And, frankly, the world becomes just that much of a better place.

I spent many years learning on my own (which you can certainly do) and then took formal training. I want to provide you with short-cuts to your own benefits, so that you can avoid wandering around trying to find your way.

All of the content I provide is for general information and can be useful to most but it not a substitute for professional medical care. but I am not a medical professional.

So, where to go from here?

The easiest way is to join me below and get free and practical mini-training bites and tips on finding rediscovering feelings of calm, happiness, feelings of connection with those around you. and more in your inbox twice a month (you’ll also get my my guide to finding calm within your existing workday.)