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Creating mindfulness community to live a happier, healthier more resilient life.

Deepen your mindfulness practice. Free resources to help your overcome your challenges such as time and ability to focus.

Deepen your mindfulness practice! My passion is to support you on that journey through free education, support and my artwork—to become the healthiest, happiest and more resilient YOU!

You know that mindfulness practice is the least selfish thing you can do. Reducing your stress, increasing your focus and compassion are all gifts you are able to give to your family, loved ones and co-workers.


NEW: Strategies for Negative Self-Talk

NEW: FAQ Section; This section will grow over the coming weeks.

NEW: Mindful Notecards

Collect Original Art

Pause to breathe and to focus. Follow the patterns as you feel your breath gently flowing in and out. Let your concentration on the patterns and shifts of colour hold your attention and develop your ability to focus. Go to original art here.

Money-back Guarantee and Payment Plans etc

Read about payment plans and money-back guarantee etc here.

Shop Products and Free Resources

Here you’ll find great books for both adults and kids.

Free resources includes podcasts, free training and articles by some of the best in the field.

In the products section you can find my artwork on travel mugs, cards and the like.

NEW: Sivana Spirit shop. No, of course you don’t need to buy anything in order to be mindful, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some cool products out there for yourself or as gifts. Sivana states that with every order they donate 10% of the proceeds to help children living in slums in India.

Join the Community and be Inspired!

Take your mindfulness practice to a new level. I want to help you discover strategies for finding time to practice, develop more focus so your mind doesn’t wander into memories, plans, worries or daydreams.

Collect your free gifts: A workbook with tips and strategies on how to find time for Mindful Moments in your day. You also get a Bonus gift!

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I also want to thank you for joining my community by making you a special promise. As a member of my community you get to view my new art three days before it is posted publicly AND benefit from a 20% pre-release savings.