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Create a unique painting with Bev to share your love.

Bev will work with you to create a special paintings that expresses how you feel about those special people in your life so that they are able to experience first hand how you really feel about them, even if you haven't always been able to put it into words.  Mindfulness is about being present, not taking the future for granted as we only ever live in the now. We don't always have the luxury of getting around to our good intentions.

Create Your Treasured Memory


Are you interested in a commissioned portrait or a specially created piece of art?Does your child or grandchild know how proud you are of the adults they have become?

Your spouse knows you love them, but does he or she know all the crazy and fun memories you recall, or the things you still admire and love about them after all these years?

Share your feelings with the loved ones in your life so that they know how much you care. Celebrate your spouse, parent, child, grandchild or any other special person so that you both experience the joy of knowing just how you feel about them and the difference they have made in your life.

Many of us have trouble even starting that conversation...we feel shy or have difficulty expressing emotions and then, before we know it, our loved ones are gone from our lives. Or, we are the ones who have left.  I know from experience that the pain of not having shared our feelings with them does not go away with time.

I create a unique artwork for their loved one. When the artwork is presented to the loved one it is a perfect way to start the conversation.  How wonderful for the recipient to know just how much he or she is cherished and to have a beautiful, permanent reminder in a size that can fit anywhere.

It all begins when...

we have our first chat so that we can see if we have a good fit. If we decide to proceed. We will also discuss whether you prefer an abstract painting or other style and preferences. Or, if you wish a portrait, I will ask for reference photos.

From there I will create one or two studies for your consideration. From their I'll move on to creating your unique piece and I will deliver it to you framed, or unframed depending upon your instruction. You may wish to share your motivation for the painting in writing to accompany the gift. In this way, the recipient will know the inspiration behind the painting and will be able to truly see how much he or she is cherished.

Are you ready to get started?  Phone 905-932-3225 or send me an email.

Before contacting me, kindly read my FAQs page.