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Celebrity Insider #3: Joe Pillitteri

Niagara Celebrity Insider

Find out  favourite things to do and see in the Niagara Region by local notables.

Celebrity Insider #3: Joe Pillitteri

Bev Alldridge

Joe Pilitteri.jpg

By way of introducing Joe,  I thought Showtime Comedy summed it up best: "Local Legend Joe Pillitteri is a house hold name when it comes to comedy in Niagara. From his countless work for charities, fundraisers, and sports teams, someone you know probably has benefited from his efforts. Oh and did i mention he is absolutely hilarious too??"

Joe shares three of his favourite things to see and do in and around Niagara:

1). Lock 1 canal with the bridge up - I used to get supremely cheesed as it seemed the bridge used to wait for me to round the corner to go up . When I discovered meditation I now use that time to Have a peek at the boats and meditate for 5,10 or 15 minutes

2) The bike path on the Niagara parkway where it dips down into the forest by the Ziraldo property - started cycling with my wife 3 or 4 years absolutely And the smell sights and sounds in there are awesome

3) I love the orchards between Read and Stewart close to the lake - amazing view and any stage of growth or dormancy frames the view of Toronto so nicely !!