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Celebrity Insider #1: Paul Dietsch and Matt Dietsch

Niagara Celebrity Insider

Find out  favourite things to do and see in the Niagara Region by local notables.

Celebrity Insider #1: Paul Dietsch and Matt Dietsch

Bev Alldridge

Welcome to the first of a regular series of insider tips to things to see and do in the Niagara Region. Paul and Matthew are brothers and co-owners of Niagara on the Lake local favourite, the Sandtrap Pub and Grill  (they didn't put the Sandtrap on their list of insider faves but it sure is on mine!)

Paul lists the following three favourites:

1. Riding our bicycles as a family down the path along the Niagara River that runs parallel to the Niagara Parkway. Enjoying the natural beauty of the river on one side and some magnificent homes on the other.
2. On Thanksgiving Monday, going to Vineland and Balls Falls to take in the crafts and ambience of the season. We try to do it every year. It helps if the weather cooperates.
3. Golf, golf, golf. Not sure of my actual favourite course because I like to change it up, but we are lucky enough to have hundreds of courses within a short drive and I'm fortunate to have played a lot of them.

Matt lists the following:

1.  Hiking the mighty Niagara Gorge along the parkway. I can spend hours here and still find new and interesting paths to hike. If you're very keen you can follow the trail up river all the way to the Whirlpool.
2. I love my golf and there are so many great options but one of my faves is the NOTL course where I spent many a great day playing with my father, brothers and friends. To commemorate the great times we spent there with my dad, my family planted a tree in his memory to visit.
3. Last, but not least, I love biking with my wife and 2 sons along any of the awesome bike trails around. The best is along the Parkway with all the parks to stop at along the way.



So, there you have it, friends! The first of a regular monthly series of insider favourites. I hope you enjoyed it. If you'd like to receive these automatically, please feel free to subscribe using the button below.