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Monkey Brain

Bev Alldridge

Some of you are already aware of my painting mission—enabling my clients to experience the happiness that comes from showing their loved ones how much they care through a unique piece of art.

Most of my recent paintings have been these private commissions. The experience has been very rewarding and I love hearing the wonderful feedback from clients about the reaction of their family member when presented with their special painting. Interestingly, to date, clients have selected landscapes which have meaning for both the client and their family member.

When not working on a commissioned piece, I am working on my Mindfulness Series. As with my mission, each painting in the series captures a moment in time and triggers an emotional response.

Mindfulness can best be described as paying attention. I find certain moments in nature are so beautiful they make me stop and take notice which is the essence of mindfulness. Our busy thoughts fall to the wayside, or they hover in the background as we experience the beauty or mystery of the moment.  The feeling of peace comes not just from experiencing the special scene, but it is also the result of our experiencing a wee respite from the churning thoughts that relentlessly ply their way through our consciousness. You may have heard the term, “Monkey Brain” used to describe it.

With my paintings in this series, I hope to capture scenes that make the viewer stop and breathe in the wonder of nature. Comments to date such as "I can feel the heat from the sun", "I feel surrounded by the trees, like a comfort blanket" assure me I'm on the right path. As we stop and pay attention,  we diminish the impact of our Monkey Brain.

You may view them as follows:
Mindfulness Series #1 Sunset

Mindfulness Series #2 Mystical Trees (sold)

Mindfulness Series #3 Still of the Night (sold)

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