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Artist who paints emotion and believes we should share our feelings with your loved ones.

The death of Bev's father has motivated her to create paintings for clients that allow them to share their feelings with their loved ones before it is too late. Mindfulness is about being present and in this moment. There truly is no time like the present to take action. As Eckert Tolle says, there is no present, there is only now.

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I paint emotion. Whether a commission or one of my original pieces, I create from the feelings evoked, say, by a given scene, or the way the light falls on a setting evoke in me. For this reason, my painting style varies from painting to painting.

One area of my painting that is very dear to me is the Paintimento. My father died before I let him know how important he had been to me, how much influence he had had on my life and how much I loved him. I continue to regret that.

So, while I may have missed one opportunity to honour and celebrate a loved one, I could make certain not to miss opportunities with my remaining family members. I create unique artwork for each family member. The image may be of a place that has special meaning for us, or it may be an image which triggers how I feel.  I call each of these treasures a paintimento.  

Through my commission work, I enjoy enabling clients to experience this same sense of deep connection and joy. It is an emotional experience for both the giver and the recipient. It truly is a beautiful legacy. (A box of tissues at hand is recommended.... just sayin'.)

I'm usually hanging out on Instagram so if you're curious to see my works in progress or maybe have a chat, come join us! Just click here and make sure to follow me.